Diary of Events 2023

Everything 2023 is holding for us

Everything 2023 is holding for us

We start together, once again, a new year in which we hope we’ll happily achieve everything we’ve set us out to. Although there’s no doubt that between achievements there are also special dates and events that we can’t… or simply just don’t want to miss.

As every year, we’ll leave a small list with all those events in Sitges that we know may interest you, with their respective dates:

Sitges Carnival
February 16th-22nd

Rally Barcelona – Sitges
March 11th-12th

Old Jazz Festival
March 29th-April 2nd

Easter week
April 2nd-10th

Sant Jordi
April 14th-23rd

Corpus Sitges
June 8th-18th

Gay Pride
June 14th-19th

Festa Major
August 23rd-24th

Bears Week
September 1st-10th

Santa Tecla
September 22nd-23rd

International Film Festival
October 5th-15th

This is the end of the list with the confirmations of the dates so far. As always we will be reporting on events that occur as the year goes by, and we hope to see you at most of them!

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