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The “Quinto”, our tradition

The “Quinto”, our tradition

Among many other Christmas traditions, one of the most outstanding of Sitges is, without a doubt, “the Quinto.” A bingo modality that brings together friends and families of Sitges every Christmas.

It is a typical game in several areas of Catalonia and, although many do not play this type of games in the rest of the year, they do not miss a quinto night when Christmas and new year arrive. It is usually played in the two great theaters or cinemas of Sitges, the Prado and the Retiro, in large rooms with long and wide tables where hundreds of inhabitants of all ages meet and have fun.

In the room there is always a “parrot” who is singing with humor the numbers that come out. The players have a cardboard in which, with beans, they cover the numbers they have. If you complete a row or a “full”, you hit the table, and if they check and it’s correct the other players will throw beans at you, but you will take your corresponding prize!

Everyone can play, and we assure you that if you go you’ll have a great time, and you’ll also discover a different Christmas tradition. Would you come with us?

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