Diary of Events 2022

Sitges covered in flowers

Sitges covered in flowers

With the arrival of June and the expected summer, the Corpus of Sitges also arrives; a festival declared of national tourist and artistic interest in which the institutions and neighbors of Sitges design and elaborate long, colorful and surprisingly beautiful flower carpets.

The 19th of June we celebrate this festivity that has been held for more than six centuries already. The members of different institutions of Sitges get up at dawn to prepare the flowers and all the elements they will use later to cover the streets with beautiful carpets that everyone will be able to contemplate the next day, they are true works of art!

In case it seemed little, among many activities there will also be several exhibitions related to the corpus, concerts, processions … even some restaurants will offer menus made with flowers and all the beach bars of Sitges will be serving floral drinks (you can find the full programme here).

A traditional festival of Sitges that will surprise you and that will make you come back every year, for its carpets, its balconies and above all the scent of carnation that is breathed in the streets. Come and check!

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