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Sitges carnival returns to the streets

Sitges carnival returns to the streets

The well-known Sitges carnival already has dates confirmed for next year, and the return of the parades through the streets has also been confirmed – the part we like the most of all the editions.

The next edition will be held from February 24th to March 2nd 2022, and the events of the program will be confirmed as we get closer to the date. Even so, the city council has confirmed that they are working with the objective of being able to celebrate a carnival like the one we already know and love (with all the necessary sanitary measures to guarantee safety to the attendees).

Sitges carnival is known for its long parades of floats, in which we always see stunning costumes that have been worked on for months, floats made especially for the group’s theme and dances (also rehearsed for months) that don’t stop until end the parade. This carnival energy is very special, visitors return every year wanting to dance, dress up with their friends and enjoy the music heard throughout Sitges.

We already have our costume in mind. And you, are you coming to celebrate the most anticipated carnival in Catalonia?

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