Diary of events 2021

We’re going out this summer!

We’re going out this summer!

In Catalonia we’re gradually getting rid of the restrictions that have been ruling our lives for some time now, and we’re very happy to finally be able to enjoy it!

The 21st of this month, regulations such as the limit of people in a social gatherings will be eliminated and nightlife venues will be reopened again, with certain restrictions but also with permission to open until 3:30 in the morning. The vaccination campaign is progressing very well in Catalonia and it looks like this summer is going to be incredible.

After so long since this pandemic began, we know that many of you have not been able to visit Sitges again and we know how eager you are to return. By the time this long-awaited moment arrives, we would love to recommend some restaurants that always leave us and our customers in awe:

FOC Sitges

Their raw material is excellent and they know how to cook it to create truly good dishes. Their cuisine is based on Italian / Mediterranean entrees and artisanal wood-fired pizzas, and they feature vegan and gluten-free options.


A show restaurant in the center of Sitges, where the best drag queens of the moment meet to make your night a different, unique and humorous experience. Without a doubt, a must visit whenever we set foot in Sitges.

La cocina

This restaurant, also located in the center of the Vila, offers its guests an avant-garde cuisine with Mediterranean bases and French techniques, made from the best products of the season. A perfect option to discover a proposal different from the conventional.

This is just a small part of everything Sitges has to offer us. We are waiting for you this summer to meet again and create memories again!

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