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Is nightlife coming back to Sitges?

Is nightlife coming back to Sitges?

After a long period of calm and silent nights in Sitges and with the state of alarm withdrawn in Spain, we’re all starting to wonder what is going to happen with nightlife this summer.

That’s why in Sitges, this Thursday May 20th, a clinical trial will be carried out: 400 people will participate by performing an antigen test on the same day of the study and also 5 days later. The rehearsal will take place on Primero de Mayo street, and it will be done in outdoor as well as closed places. The inhabitants and workers of Sitges are very aware of the result of this experiment, as it determines how we’re going to live and work the next few months.

We also highlight the next great and relevant news – Procicat (committee of management of the pandemic in Catalonia) has given green light to the plan to reopen nightlife, without a specific date but giving much hope to the sector which has been going on mostly paralysed for more than a year.

This protocol proposes measures similar to the ones that we’re already used to when visiting a public place or attending an event: masks, distance, gel, reduced capacity… among others that are practically part of our daily routine already.

The test that will be done in Sitges next week will determine the perspective with which Sitges and all of Catalonia will see this summer, so we are ready and excited for a good result! If you miss Sitges, don’t worry… there’s very little time left for us to see each other again.

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