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Sitges Vila del Llibre 2021

Sitges Vila del Llibre 2021

Continuing with this cultural month we’re having for April in Sitges, a new and very interesting fest has arrived in town on the occasion of Sant Jordi day: the “Sitges Vila del Llibre”.

If you haven’t heard of this Catalan holiday yet and you are interested in the history of this community, pay attention to this article! We are talking about a tradition known for its uniqueness and cuteness.

Sant Jordi is celebrated on April 23rd of each year in Catalonia, on the occasion of the legend of Sant Jordi and the dragon. Legend has it that in a kingdom, thousands of years ago, a princess had to be saved from the dragon by a knight. Several brave men tried, but only Sant Jordi was able to defeat the dragon and save the princess. From the blood that spilled from the dragon’s wound a red rose grew, and the knight gave the rose to the princess, who was finally free. Beautiful, right?

This legend continues being alive to this day, so much that every April 23rd, children and adults in Catalonia follow the beautiful tradition of giving a book or a rose to their loved ones. In the past, men gave women roses and women gave men books, but nowadays this rule isn’t that important.

In addition to being so alive among the inhabitants of Catalonia, it is a festival that you feel wherever you go. On April 23, all the streets are filled with stalls full of books, all kinds of roses and bouquets and sweets made from them. The Sitges promenade is a perfect place to stroll, and Barcelona is dressed in roses and happy visitors celebrating the day.

It will be on the promenade where “Sitges Vila del Llibre” will be held for the first time, on April 17th and 18th, with a market of 50 independent publishers exhibited on the promenade among many other activities. A perfect plan for a spring weekend in the sun!

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