Diary of events 2021

Cold days are coming to an end

Cold days are coming to an end

Now we are stuck in what we would call the final round of winter, going through the last cold days to start getting closer to the spring sun that we love and need so much.

The beginning of a new year in Sitges is always wonderful. You start with one of the biggest events: the carnival. A carnival that is known worldwide and in which thousands of visitors come every year to dance and have an incredible time.

Then you also have, among other events: the Spring Tapa a Tapa in which you will meet thousands of flavors, the vintage cars Rally along the coast road, the Cheese Fest where you’ll taste the best artisan cheeses of Spain, the famous Sitges Gay Pride where you will celebrate love with thousands of visitors from all over the world…

And all this happening with the perfect spring weather of Sitges, always sunny and fresh. Sitges has more than 300 sunny days per year, which is why, among many other reasons, every weekend so many people visit us to spend a perfect free day.

Soon Sitges awaits you! As always we’re here to help make your vacation an unforgettable memory.

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