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The most photogenic places of Sitges

The most photogenic places of Sitges

When we visit and discover a new place, we can’t do anything other than freak out with landscapes and corners that we had never seen before. Whether to admire them or to take your best picture, there are certain places in Sitges that you can’t ignore during your passage through this wonderful town.


The old town

Behind the famous church you find the old town of Sitges, narrow streets and passages that lead to a beautiful view of the sea and where there are historical buildings such as the Cau Ferrat museum.


The Terramar gardens

A beautiful garden located at the end of the promenade where you can go for a walk, eat, hang out in its park… surrounded by greenery and listening the birds sing.

The promenade

Whether it is to go to one of its many different beaches or to take a walk listening to the waves of the sea. Two and a half kilometers to walk, run or cycle and take a dip when you feel like it.

The viewpoint of San Sebastián

Past the old town there is a viewpoint where you can see the entire beach of San Sebastián and also the horizon of the Mediterranean. A must see if you tour the area.

The streets that take you to the sea

Along the long main street “Calle Mayor” there are several small streets that go down to the promenade and in which are the most beautiful facades and balconies of Sitges, in addition to the beautiful image of the sea at the end of the street.


The port

The Sitges port is perfect for a drink or a fancy dinner, also for a leisure stroll, but we recommend entering the small village behind restaurants and bars. It is made of houses and small squares with fishery essence that give it an authenticity that is hard to find nowadays.

The church

The famous picture of Sitges. As beautiful as it is peculiar inside and out, it is rightly the most visited and photographed place.


The San Sebastián neighbourhood

After a day at the beach San Sebastián it’s  worth taking a walk through the beautiful facades that are seen. Typical fishing village doors that are great photo material and a charming walk for a lovely memory.

The viewpoint of La Levantina

A viewpoint that, although its far location, gives a spectacular view of all Sitges that make the road worthwhile. It’s also a good excuse to move around and take a little excursion!

The center of Sitges

We always recommend walking through the town centre to appreciate its modernist facades and historical and architectural details, a plan that would make perfection with some tapas and drinks.

Now you are prepared to fully enjoy the small details that Sitges hides, which sometimes surprise us more than those that we see at first sight. As for accommodation, we are always happy offer you the best service for a lovely holiday!

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