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Sitges microclimate

Sitges microclimate

The reasons why Sitges welcomes thousands of visitors at any time of the year are not only because of its fantastic beaches or its Mediterranean cuisine, it’s also due to its pleasant microclimate.

Incredible as it may seem, this phenomenon is due to the mountain barrier that protects the town from the northern cold winds and the temperature regulation thanks to the sea.
In addition to having a very low percentage of rainfall, Sitges enjoys more than 300 sunny days a year, which allows its inhabitants, visitors and tourists to enjoy a day or a few weeks of walks under the sun at any time of the year.
The fact that it has this microclimate also favors its nature, offering a very wide biodiversity with long routes through the mountains in the Natural Park of Garraf or along the coast, where we find beautiful small beaches with crystal clear waters, perfect for diving and seeing all kinds of fish and more marine animals, besides witnessing a postcard sunset.
Whether you are a nature lover or you like to see unique landscapes, Sitges and its microclimate are waiting for you to have an unforgettable vacation. We’ll take care that you have the perfect accommodation!

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