Diary of events 2020

October is ending… and Halloween coming!

October is ending… and Halloween is coming!

One of our favorite dates is approaching: because its uniqueness, for celebrating something different, because we love dressing up… and although Halloween is not as big here as it is in other countries, it’s also celebrated alongside other local traditions that we love.

Sitges is a town that has been a home now for many years for families from all over the world, who were fascinated by its charm and decided to stay and build a life here. As a result we have a spectacular variety of cultures, and this is noticeable, for example, when celebrating foreign festivities such as Halloween.

For these dates we have always had different parties and workshops, especially the night of the 31st (since it’s when Halloween is celebrated and the also the next day is a national holiday).

This year, because of the exceptional situation, these kinds of parties cannot be held… but who says we can’t have a “trick or treat” walk with security measures?

The best thing is that Halloween is not the main thing, in Catalonia we have a tradition called “La castañada” or “La castanyera” in Catalan, which is maintained throughout October and November. Traditionally they eat chestnuts made over fire (in autumn you will always find several stalls on the street) and “panellets”, typical Catalan sweets that are amazingly good. There are all kinds of them, but the traditional ones are made from a sugary almond dough and covered in pine nuts. They are really good, and you will find them homemade and of quality in any local bakery.

How are you going to celebrate this year? Count on us for any questions. You can see our apartments on our website, the agenda is open for bookings, we are waiting for you!

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