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Sitges Film Festival – 53rd Edition

Sitges Film Festival – 53rd Edition

When the summer ends in Sitges, the feeling of sadness and the return to a routine is inevitable, but it’s always counteracted by the excitement of the upcoming events…

Hello October and hello Fantastic Film Festival! For the 53rd time, the world’s first and pioneering fantastic film festival is celebrated, which every year blesses us with culture and brings together fans, film lovers and great artists from around the world in the wonderful town of Sitges.

In this edition, which will be held from October 8th to the 18th, films will be screened both in theaters and online, adapting and making the festival more versatile without losing its essence and ensuring the enjoyment of all its followers. As for the parallel activities that we usually have each year, some are affected by Covid-19 health and safety issues.

In addition, the Fantastic Zombie Experience organization has prepared several surprises: Flash Mob zombie through the streets of Sitges, gastronomy and zombie commerce… there is no specific schedule for its performances, you just have to walk around the commercial, centre area to be a little scared and have fun!

We are very excited about this edition, which even though it’s different, will remain at the high level of the majestic Sitges Fantastic Film Festival we know! For any questions about the festival or accommodation you can send us an e-mail and we will gladly respond.

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