Diary of events 2020

Barcelona-Sitges rally 2020

Barcelona-Sitges rally 2020

In two weeks, one of the most emblematic events of Sitges will be held as every year. From March 21st to the 23rd, the 62nd edition of the International Vintage Car Rally of Barcelona-Sitges will be celebrated.

From the first edition the main condition was that participants had to dress according to the time in which the vehicle they drove was built, that’s still maintained today and it’s fabulous to see whole families dressed accordingly, very elegant indeed!

The amazing cars are produced until 1928 and the motorbikes until 1938; when the prizes are given, it is fundamentally valued how they have been cared for over the years and the number of original pieces that they kept. Seeing the drivers and companions dressed in period is impressive, the role they play combined with the vehicles they drive transports you back to the early 20th century atmosphere, absolutely stunning!

An event that stands out for its uniqueness and in which you can continue to appreciate works of art thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of the participants. You can’t miss this!

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