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Tapas, the best part of Spanish cuisine

Tapas, the best part of Spanish cuisine


Iconic brand of Spain, it is the perfect excuse for an informal meal or a small meeting to accompany with a couple of “cañas”. We can find them in all forms, flavours and combinations; both classic and innovative… what would we do without our beloved tapas!

We all like Spanish tapas and they stand out for their simplicity both when they are elaborated and when they are eaten (whenever we talk about classic tapas, of course).

The ingredients that most often abound in them are fish and seafood, especially in batter and with a splash of lemon as a final touch. We can’t ignore the Spanish star ingredient, “jamón” or cured ham; you don’t need more than a plate of a good freshly cut ham to delight all your senses, although all kinds of delicious tapas are also made with this ingredient.

Also two unmissable dishes are the “patatas bravas” or bread with tomato spread on it. They are the perfect and tasty demonstration that sometimes less is more.

The “tapa” format has been served around Spain for many years, but only traditional dishes known as such were normally served. Nowadays, more and more restaurants add the tapas as it is ideal for the whole table to share the dishes and have a taste of everything they have ordered, so they taste many more flavors and ingredients than in a conventional meal.

We recommend you that, in your next pass through Sitges, you shouldn’t miss the great gastronomic world that this town offers. If you don’t know where to start, you can contact us and we will gladly help you.

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