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Ready for the greatest party of Sitges?

Ready for the greatest party of Sitges?

With just two weeks of wait ahead, we’re starting to feel the festive atmosphere through the streets of Sitges… the Fiesta Mayor is finally here!

The biggest and most anticipated popular party of the year will be held from August 17th to 26th, with the most prominent days being, as usual, the 23rd and 24th. If you still don’t know what we are talking about, here we’ll tell you a little about what it is and the cause of the mobilization of thousands of visitors who come to live this experience once again every year.

A thing that all the major festivals of towns and even neighborhoods have in common is their authentic essence. It’s not about any event or party of promotion or with lucrative purposes, we are talking about a tradition conserved stealth after century by the inhabitants of the place. The legacy, unity and many emotions come into play both for those who participate in it and for those who see it, which makes this festivity an unforgettable experience.

And, in addition to all this emotional and symbolic things that we like so much, Sitges’ biggest party is pure fun at all hours. Next we will speak a bit on the events and parties and you’ll see that it is made for absolutely everyone.

First, we would highlight the popular dances, among which we find giant sculptures that dance to the sound of typical Catalan instruments, groups that dance with canes or castanets with beautiful traditional costumes, “demons” that bring pyrotechnic shows worthy of the best photographs… among many others, a parade through the streets of Sitges that would impress anyone. And above all we have to mention the “Castells”, the famous human towers that are found uniquely and traditionally in Catalonia.

Complementing the tradition, you cannot miss the concerts on the promenade or those made at just below the famous church of “la punta”, in which independent local and surrounding music groups perform every year and play all kinds of styles; all of them perfect to dance and enjoy a perfect summer night. A famous picture of the main festival of Sitges is the fireworks of the night of the 23rd, which end with the descent of the popular dances by the stairs of the church.

This video is a perfect visual summary of what you are going to live in these days, we recommend you to check it out! And here you will find the whole programme with all the timings and locations.

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