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Welcome, August!

Welcome, August!

At the end of July, in Sitges we prepare for the arrival of August, the month in which all the summer and holiday plans are concentrated since in September we all go back to routine and normality.

A day at the beach is always a good plan, but in the hot August sun there are days we need a little break. Although Sitges is not a big city like Barcelona, ​​it has a huge variety of places of interest and leisure activities to offer!

For those who enjoy discovering new places, nature and adventures, it’s not necessary to go far from the center to find beautiful and long paths in which you can make excursions or just take a walk. You can visit the famous Garraf natural park or take a trip along the cliffs by the sea that form the path to Vilanova.

If you are more about history, culture, architecture … Sitges is your place. A town with a loooong history and cultural tradition, in which great artists were inspired and carried out their work. A very symbolic character is Santiago Rusiñol, a well-known Catalan artist who founded a beautiful workshop-museum in the old town of Sitges: the Cau Ferrat. A museum that, next to the Palau Maricel, is endowed with a beauty both in architecture, decoration and essence that will make you want to come back once more. It’s a cultural gem, among many others, that Sitges has.

In addition to the museum and the exhibitions, the old town in which the museum is located is absolutely astonishing. We would say that it’s the most photographed place in Sitges. Recently restored but preserving all its history, it’s a walk along the sea that you cannot miss.

We can not forget the spectacular cuisine we have. From tapas bar routes to renowned restaurants, you will find food (and drinks) that even the most exquisite palates enjoy. Original Sitges bars that were born many years ago and retain their quality, new places that bring innovative and creative projects… as we have said before, for all tastes and experiences.

A small summary of all the wonders that this town hides. If you have trouble deciding or prefer to be guided by locals, at Stay Sitges we will always be happy to advise you on the best plans according to your tastes. Go for your dream vacation!

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