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Sitges, covered with flowers

Sitges, covered with flowers

The next weekend, or more specifically from June 21st to the 30th, one of the parties that attract more culture lovers to Sitges is celebrated.

It is the celebration of the corpus, a tradition that has been celebrated for centuries and continues to do so in all its glory every year thanks to the contribution of thousands of people.

Between different acts and processions, the most impressive part of this celebration is the gorgeous flower carpets. On June 30th the streets of Sitges will be covered with beautiful “flower carpets” designed and made especially for the occasion by members of different groups and institutions of Sitges.

Designs that are carried out by painting the pattern on the floor and covering it with carnations of all colors, seeds, grains, coffee… creating long carpets of several meters that leave absolutely amazed everyone who sees them. Apart from the spectacle of aromas and colours, it’s fantastic to see the elaborate designs that each rug has, they are huge works of art!

In addition to the carpets, different emblematic (and non-emblematic) spaces of Sitges are decorated with the corpus motif. Beautiful patios, balconies, facades and corners of the old town are covered with flower decorations that embellish the whole town.

When the day of Sunday in which the carpets are exposed is finished, a procession is held next to the “gegants” of Sitges through the streets that have been covered, and you can have a nice night walk through the town after them.

For us it’s, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful traditions that Sitges has, and we invite you to know it as soon as possible! We will be happy to offer you the perfect accommodation and service to make your vacation an unforgettable memory.

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