“Sant Jordi”, also known as Saint George

“Sant Jordi”, also known as Saint George

On April 23 in Sitges, Barcelona and throughout Catalonia “Sant Jordi” is celebrated a day in which love is honoured, both for our loved ones and for literature.

The tradition on this day is due to the famous legend of Saint George, in which a knight saves the princess from being devoured by the dragon. The detail that stars the legend, is the rose that springs from the pool of blood that has fallen from the wound of the dragon. For this reason, on the day of Sant Jordi, couples, friends or relatives give books and roses to express their love.

It’s a day that both locals and tourists love because of the charm with which the streets are stained: the promenade of Sitges becomes a huge open-air bookshop in which you can find all kinds of literature, both new books and second hand, and could not miss the sellers of roses; You can find roses of a thousand colors and different wrappings in any street of the town.

Come to Sitges and live this beautiful tradition, which we assure, it won’t leave you indifferent.

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