Diary of Events 2018

Tapa a Tapa!

Tapa a Tapa!

The first “Sitges Tapa a Tapa” of the year has arrived! The gastronomic route of Sitges that makes you a critic of dozens of bars and restaurants in Sitges, offering tapas made especially for the occasion accompanied by a fifth of beer for the incredible price of € 3.

This year, celebrating the tenth edition of the contest, 40 establishments between restaurants and bars are participating. To participate in the contest, you just have to have the booklet in which all the tapas appear and rate them as you go testing them. Participating is rewarded: you enter a raffle for three weekends in three Sitges hotels and, as if that weren’t enough, you also have the possibility to participate in the next edition of the route, totally free!
(Take a look at the digital booklet).

The tapas presented this year look promising, we have already tried a few and it seems it won’t take long to complete the booklet!
Are you ready to be amazed by Sitges’ surprising gastronomy?

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