Diary of events 2017

Bacardi Sitges House

Bacardi sitges house

On July 12th, the Sitges Bacardi House held a cocktail/visit to inaugurate the start of their exposition.

This year the museum will be open every day to share and create a new experience for the public. The visit lets the audience explore the history and legacy of this now legendary brand of white rum.

The story and the process are explained as well as the connections Sitges has with the Bacardi family. The museum plans to become an international visitor centre, which could be considered the equivalent of the museum in Puerto Rico. The event welcomed around 85 to 110 people.

Upon arriving at the entrance of the venue, you are welcomed by the famous Bacardi logo, on the right you enter the heritage where the family history is explained. The next room is the production process room where there is a detailed explanation of the process. Continuing, you arrive at the lounge/bar where you can be served a multitude of bars done by professionals with all the correct ingredients. The bar can be directly accessed from the entrance by turning to the left.

Outside of the venue, there is an outside terrace which is very pleased for a drink before going into Sitges for dinner.

If you ever wish to come and see the history of Bacardi for yourself, don’t forget to visit staysitges to secure an apartment for your stay!
Bacardi sitges house Bacardi sitges house Bacardi sitges house Bacardi sitges house Bacardi sitges house