Diary of events 2017

Top 8 things to do while you stay with us !

While staying in Sitges you might wonder what there is to do apart from going to the beach or shopping.

On the other hand, I will still incorporate them into this list because Sitges still offers an incredible coastline and a diversity of shops.


Sitges offers 18km of coastline, so if you ever want to be alone, don’t worry there is enough space. If you happen to stay in Sitges I would recommend going to the beach during the weekdays if its possible. The reason for that is, the weekends get extremely busy and the space is then limited.


Shopping is inevitable, walking around Sitges means you will encounter shops everywhere. The main street Carrer de Les Parrellades offers a wide variety of stores and souvenir shops. You can find some high-end store like Toni Vatrano or restaurants for example Maricel. You can also find small shops to buy souvenirs.

If you are looking for an affordable three-course dinner, try and make lunch the main meal of the day as many restaurants have a “Menu del Dia” which usually includes bread and wine with a three-course meal for an affordable price.


If you are looking for a more cultural approach to your stay, Sitges has 3 museums to offer: Museu Maricel, Museu Romantic, Museu Cau Ferret. Museu Maricel used to be a private property of a doctor who had a soft spot for art. Most paintings are related to the sea, which is fitting for the setting.

Museu Romantic was built within an eighteen-century building in the heart of the village. It has been kept in such good conditions that you can visit the game room and the ballroom.

Museu Cau ferret was built by Santiago Rusiñol at the end of the nineteenth century. He combined two fishermen’s house and filled them with artifacts like ironwork or glass.

Museu Maricel and Museu Cau ferret are close together while Museu Romantic is more within the center of town. All three of them are open all summer and are affordable. If you plan to see all 3 of them, you can buy a ticket that is 10 euros and is valid for a month.


Summer is filled with activities happening throughout the village. The month of July sees smaller events and in August the focus is on the Fiesta major, which is the celebration of the village. The month of July this year offers a poetic festival, blue summer nights at the museum which is a nocturnal visit, Mare de déu del Carmen (the Virgin Carmen), and the Terramar garden festival. Most of these events end early August which leaves the middle of the month to be a quiet moment before the Fiest Major.


Sitges is filled with restaurants of all types. You can find seafood at every single one but if you are in the mood for some meat it is as easy to find. Most restaurants have a lunch menu as explained above. If you ever need a quick bite, there are numerous tapas bars all across the village with each their unique specialty. If you are looking for the best tortilla of Sitges, we recommend going to “El Cable”.


Sitges offers 3 marinas and over 2,600 moorings which make it one of the biggest marinas in Spain. If you have the time or just want to do some water sports each of these harbors could help you find your joy. From jet skiing to renting a boat, all of these options are available for tourist or locals at a reasonable price. These marinas are Port del Garraf which is at the foot of the Garraf massif, Port d’aiguadolç which is probably the most popular since its the closest to downtown Sitges and has a multitude of restaurants and bars near the seaside. Finally, Port Ginesta which is the largest one in Cataluña.


If you grow of the relax lifestyle Sitges has to offer, you can always grab a train to Barcelona! The capital of Cataluña is only 30 min away by train and if you have a car you can make it in 20 minutes. There you can find many activities to do while visiting.


The nightlife in Sitges is very diverse and you will surely find your style of bar or people while wandering around in the famous “Sin Street” of town. If you are straight or gay, you will find a place for you. The main bars in the close at 3 am for security reasons but fear not that doesn’t mean the party ends then. Many clubs are open until the early hours of the next day, the first Pacha ever made in the world is located in the Port D’Aguadolç, where you can find a dancefloor and an upper-level bar.


And there you have it ! 8 activities to pass time while staying with us here in Sitges! If you are an outsider looking to come here in Sitges, StaySitges is more than happy to help you find an accomodation for your stay.