Diary of events 2017

Garden Festival Terramar

This year the Terramar Garden is hosting a small music festival.

From the 28th of July to the 5th of August, the garden space of the Terramar will welcome “La La land” the recent musical in concert, Ara Malikian, Miguel Poveda, and much more.

The Terramar’s main objective of this year is to introduce the festival to the village and to the tourist and over the years to slowly make it grow by inviting more artist and international figures as well. This year, the festival is counted as “festival zero” as it is only considered a trial. The organization behind this event is a collaboration between Jet entertainment and Emotion technology.

On top of all of these concerts, the festival also includes, dances, musical art, and some gastronomic elements.

If the festival works out and achieves the numbers needed, this could be the rise of a musical festival in Sitges which could bring a new wave of tourist for the years to come.